I’m trying to slow down a walk animation using a script.
Looked at some other resources on the forum but it couldn’t resolve my problem.

local Anim = Character.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script.Walk)

The animation plays, but the speed remains the same regardless of the value I input.

PS: I know Humanoid:LoadAnimation() is supposed to be deprecated, but I don’t know how to use the alternative, and as far as I read I’ll have to replicate it to the server for it to work (?)
xKaihatsu explained it. Simpler than I thought.
Main issue still remains. I can’t change the speed of the animation.
Keep in mind it is a Roblox one, not sure if it changes anything though.

Loading animations requires you to use the Animator object of a Humanoid.


local track = character.Humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(animation)

Make sure the animator exists on the server for animation replication.

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Isn’t the Animator automatically generated ServerSided?
It seems kind of weird to make a script just to insert one into every Humanoid. Don’t really know the exact strain adding it by default would make but I can’t imagine it being too much.

If you’re using a character object from a player, then you’ll have to use a WaitForChild call.

But it is generated automatically.

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From my experience, AdjustSpeed only works after the animation has started playing: