AnimationAPI: Soliciting testers/documentators on GitHub



I’ve been working on the development of an auxiliary scripting/command-line interface called AnimationAPI. The GitHub repositiory describes it as:

a comprehensive collection of Lua functions that allows one to easily manipulate camera and character controls in order to assist with machinema-making.

The objective of this post is to recruit Rōblox developers to play a role in its development in terms of helping to test and document the code.

It is worth noting that AnimationAPI is designed to be compatible with multiple installation methods (as a server-script, plugin, etc). As this is a long-term, multi-faceted project, documentation also has to be provided so as to enable other developers to access it easily. Here is what you could do:

  • If you’re an experienced GitHub user, you could fork this repository, add the modifications you need, and create a pull request.
  • If you’re unfamiliar with git, you could download the files and extract Testing Place.rbxlx to do your modifications.
  • If you’re a good documentator and would like to help the cause, you could check out the repositiory’s wiki.
  • Most of all, feedback on what features I should add to fulfil AnimationAPI’s purpose would be highly appreciated.

    1. Injected into the Rōblox game client using a script-executor (i.e. JJSploit or Synapse X) .

Recommending it to be used with an exploit is generally not a good idea, I don’t recommend to keep that part in.

Same here -

To run this module on a script executor (i.e. JJSploit, Synapse, RC7) , insert the following code into the Lua console:


Valid point. The reason I included that in was to allow animators to record higher-quality video within an online game: think hiding the CoreGui for example. If you believe this issue needs to be addressed immediately, I could either hide it behind another layer of links, or remove those instructions altogether.


I mean, it’s your call to what happens, but I would advise removing it altogether, or at least remove the exploit names.


Advice taken.