AnimationController not replicating when played on the server?

I am trying to make a “JoJo” game where your character OWNS a rig.
The rig is placed inside the character and for some reason it wont replicate to the server

If a different player joins the game, they cannot see the animation until they walk close to the rig the other player owns.

Client 1: Screenshot by Lightshot

Client 2:
Before walking close to it: Screenshot by Lightshot
After walking close to it: Screenshot by Lightshot

It will still not replicate if I play the animation in the command bar, it will only replicate to the client that has the rig inside of it. I tried setting all body parts network owner to ‘nil’ but that doesn’t seem to fix it.

I’ve been stuck with this issue for almost a week and haven’t found a single solution for this.
Any sort of help would be appreciated.

EDIT: humanoids don’t work either for some reason…