Animations activated by script not showing up for other players in studio demo, not showing up at all in game itself?

Hey everyone,

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the usage of activating animations through a script. To do this I’ve incorporated the use of making stands.

I did use the assistance of some youtube tutorials as I’m a complete amateur scripter.

Here’s what the broken animations look like:
(The game itself, animations still not visible to others in team testing)

Here’s what they should look like:
(Studio demo, animations not visible to other players)

Due to the scripts working in the playtesting, I’m lead to believe the scripts are not at fault here.
Are there any presets that I’m missing or any settings I may need to configure in my game to make these animations visible to other players?

Is this a game you made or a group made? And who owns the animation assets?

I own the group that holds the place and the animations are made in Roblox’s animation editor and uploaded by myself.

Is the animation owned by you or the group? If it’s owned by you you need to export again and make it an asset of the group

It’s owned by and uploaded through my own profile.

Oh? Has this always been how it works? I never knew this. I’ll try it now.

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That’s how I believe it has to be, if the place belongs to you, you must own the animation. If the place belongs to the group, the group must own the animation