Animations doesn't work on studio [CLOSED]

i’m tried to make a sword combat system but animations doesn’t play. So i tested the animations on a free model and it doesn’t works too. But the interesting point is it works on experience but not in studio. Can you please help me?

robloxapp-20220118-1753511.wmv (2.6 MB)

*Sorry for my bad english.

Can you give us more info on the animation?

What do you mean by “Experiment”?
Is it a group animation that you own or owned by you?
Is it a animation made on the same rig?
Is the priroity over Core?

İ mean ingame with experience.
The animation is not owned by me i just find a open source roblox game and edit.

The animation being not owned is the issue.
You just need to make your own.

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