Animations not looking the same as the animations in blender

Hello, I am writing regarding my animations not looking the same as they do in blender.
(As you can probably tell from the title lol)

What I Mean:

Here’s a recording of a basic test animation done in blender:

Here’s what it looks like on Roblox:

Any reasons on why this happens?

I followed this specific tutorial for the setup in case it was the issue:


I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, but I’ll bite.
Are you saying that in the second video, the arm goes back?
If so I think it’s because animation Looping is turned on. This makes the rig tween back to default pose.

I tried to follow the video but I am not sure what would be wrong

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If you are referring to the slight lifting of the whole character, it’s probably because you have accidentally lifted your bones in pose mode whilst in blender. I suggest you clear your keyframes, press ALT+S, ALT+G, ALT+R, that will respectively reset the scale, rotation and position of your bones, just like they were in edit mode. Then create the animation again in pose mode but make sure you only rotate the arm.
Hope this helps!

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But if you mean the arm shifting back to the start position it’s because when the animation finishes by default it goes back to the original position, if you want your arm to stay lifted you can create a new animation that is looped and play it directly after the other animation has finished.

It’s not because of the looping, if you watch the first video the arm gets significantly more rotated than the second video. Thanks for trying to help though! (Also cool animation :+1:)

I recommend that you use this IK so that you can use it in your animations when exporting you can see how fluid it is and the same position when exporting and importing it you will have the desired animations
modelor6 para robloxstudioPosicion Default.blend (1,3 MB)

to solve your problem

try not to move the rigs inside blender and use Pose Mode carefully without moving the bones

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Fixed: I had to re-install the blender addon. Not the roblox studio plug-in but the python addon script.

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