Animations not on other players screens?

Im putting this in scripting support because I think this is the issue. So basically, I have this animate script that I clone and put in the character (after deleting their previous one) and it gives you new animations, but they do not show up on other players screens, even though they have the correct prioritys.

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I don’t think you need to do it like that, If you are trying to change the default animations then, you can test the game and inside your character there is a script named “Animate”, you need to copy and paste that script to StarterCharacterScripts and then you can change the Animation IDs inside the script and inside the script’s children.

It didn’t work, any help???

Can you please share the code, you might have made something wrong.

Also you have to change the values of the children, which are inside them


I did change those, and its the same code as roblox’s?

If you changed it to the same as standard roblox animation codes, it should play the standard ones.

No, its the same script, different animations.

@Pooglies, I Think the Weight of your animation is the problem. This happened to me to. What you need to do is change the run animation Id and the walk animtion Id in the script and then only change the id for the run value. This:

Im very confused at the moment, so I changed walk and run id’s in the actual script, and then only changed the run id outside of the script, not the walk, what do I do for the idle aswell?

If walk and run are both the same animation, change them, make walk have a separate animation and run have a separate animation.

What about the idle though, so I change just the script, both, just the outside?

You change the animation IDs in the Script and Outside. Try doing the same for Idle

And doing this should let other players see it?

Most probably It should do it.

This is one of my past solutions to a similar problem.

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer;
local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait(); -- Wait for the character to spawn
local Humanoid = Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid");

Character:WaitForChild("Animate"):Destroy(); -- Destroy the default animations

local Tracks = Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks(); -- Get all playing animations from our character

for i, thistrack in pairs(Tracks) do -- Stop and destroy all animations that are playing

local NewAnimScript = (Your script here) -- Reference and parent the new script
NewAnimScript.Parent = Character;
NewAnimScript.Disabled = false;

It might just be the previous animation objects that are interfering with your new ones. This block of code will stop and dispose all previous tracks loaded and allow new ones to load into the humanoid.

Make sure the new script you’re cloning into the character is disabled. I’ve ran into past issues where cloning a enabled script into an object will cause it to error.

Im assuming this is a local script?

Yes, in order for players to be able to update their animations across the server locally, it has to be in a LocalScript.

What’s nice about LocalScript and animations is that you don’t need any work around to update/change animations. Animations can bypass filtered enabled standards and replicate it locally across the server. Which is easily done through a local script inside the character model.

What about when the player dies, it looks like this give them the animation again once they respawn?

I would place this code in a LocalScript residing in the backpack or any other place that is convenient for you.

If you have any LocalScript code that runs through the backpack or whenever a player respawns, it would work regardless.