Animations not playing after death

I have a move set up to a keybind, it plays an animation when pressed. Works fine at first, but when player dies or resets, it just does not work. please help me.

how I load the animations:

local VampireBiteTrack = Humanoid:FindFirstChild("Animator"):LoadAnimation(VampireBiteAnimation)
local BitingTrack = Humanoid:FindFirstChild("Animator"):LoadAnimation(BitingAnimation)

And I know its the animations because I checked w/print statement and the keybind does do something.

Do you rebind the relevant code on the new player character?

Like if the character is destroyed and your script is outside of the character, you might to rerun code when character is re-added

You can use Player.CharacterAdded:Connect(functionHere) to do just that.

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Okay, first off, sorry for taking so long. But it wasnt animations it was the cooldowns. So I added a player character added thing like you said, but the problem is, it only works after the player resets. The first time the player joins it does not fire.

I made it so the players character only loads in when they push a button.