Animations Not Replicating To Server Once It Has Run Once, Even if set to Looped in Animation Editor

Animations really are glitchy. I initially had the problem of animations not replicating to server, and I thought I had fixed this by firing a remote event to server aswell as playing the animation on the client also. However, now the animation will play once, then not continue on server. For example, running will do the animation once, then not repeat if they continue running, the character will just move around with arms by their side and no animations. It still works on the client running. Animations are set to loop from animation editor too.

I’m running out of ideas, its driving me insane. I’ve googled this problem and searched the devForum, this problem has been happening for months if not years, why hasn’t it been corrected or at least explained how to properly use animations if there is no ‘bug’?

Can you share your script? What’s your animation’s priority?

I’ve already messed around with Priority. The script is just a ROBLOX Animate script with animations changed, and added lines to Fire the server(This all works). The RemoteEvent works also. The animations that don’t replicate are movements like walking, running, idle animations, etc. I play these animations from the animate script and also fire the server at the same time with the same animation

Have u tried firing it to the server?, if its a tool i got a script.

Yes I have. Only works once. Doesn’t loop