Animations overriding

For my game, I’m using Roblox’s default Animate script with my own custom animations. When you use a move in my game, the server has the character play the animation. The problem is, when you use the move yourself, you see the animation just fine. However, for other players, their animations seem to get overlapped by the animate script. Any suggestions on how I should fix this?

Set their animation priorities.

Roblox’s default script sets them to core, the lowest. I even set the server anims to Action, and yet it still happens.

Did you tried using AnimationTrack:Stop()?

How would I be able to use that? I’m not stopping the server animations since my game uses animation events. If you’re talking about stopping the animations from the Roblox Animate script, the server won’t be able to stop them since they’re technically client sided.