AnimationTrack: Not playing client sided, but works fine on Studio

What on earth is going on? I uploaded the Animation, I’m playing it on my game, and it persists not to play. While in studio, the animations run fine. Help?

Now, I created a blank place and loaded the same animations and it works. What is going on?

Please don’t post in bug reports unless you are sure you are dealing with a bug (i.e. consistent repro). I suggest moving this to Scripting Support.

If you do want to keep this in bug reports, please make your thread more formal by following the steps here:

Sorry. Note taken.

Like @buildthomas said, this shouldn’t be in bug reports. Even if this was a bug, you need to provide more information.

On a side note, this is probably caused from the game being a group game and you uploading the animation to your account.

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Mind bloown (Feels dumb af)

Be sure to move this to the appropriate category and to mark my post above as the solution if that fixed it.