AnimationTrack:GetMarkerReachedSignal() Is extraordinarily unreliable

I’ve consistently had problems attempting to get this method to work properly. I would LOVE to use it as its shown and described through examples and on the off chance it works the first time. I would prefer not to use the deprecated method of AnimationTrack.KeyFrameReached, as we never know when it might just break.

Things I have tried before they are mentioned:

  1. Reupload animation
  2. Check for whitespace in event names
  3. Redo event names
  4. Bind the events before playing the animation
  5. Debugging with prints and breakpoints
  6. Tested ingame as opposed to studio (Ideally this shouldn’t be necessary, even if it works, it just defeats the test environment of studio)

There is nothing that causes the animation to not reach the event signals, there is nothing that is done incorrectly as this works perfectly fine for some animations with events that i already use.

local function onEnd()
end CurrentSwing:GetMarkerReachedSignal("Swing"):Connect(onEnd)

I do not see under what circumstance this would not work, it works for other things that I have done animation events with and it follows pretty closely to the example roblox themselves provide on the create page, though instead they just wrap a function directly into the event signal.

Is this simply a matter of waiting for the event signals to register with roblox because of the animation approval process? Is that even a thing? If it is, thats immensely frustrating because I would strongly prefer to not have to wait over an hour, or any measurable length of time rather, to test an animation event signal change.

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I’ve never had issues with markers on ROBLOX’s end, as limited as they are. The only issues that arose originated solely from mistyped names and, a couple years back, the old Moon Animator’s failure to save the markers when exported. Since it’s been updated I’ve had no problems in that regard.

What plugin are you using to produce these animations? If there is a way to re-import these animations once exported in your particular plugin, can you do so to verify that the markers have stayed intact throughout the process?