Animator for hire

I am an animator and I am looking for work, I accept little commissions and also long term work. I take around 7 to 10 dollars or 1k-1,5k robux per animation, might be more depending on the difficulty, I need to get paid right after I got the work done (if it’s a list of animation I you need to be able to pay me right after I got done one of the animation from the list), I don’t want some insanely long list; only ask 2 or 3 animations at once.

Example of my work:

Walking animation:

Running Animation:

Custom rig animation:

Zelda Breath of the wild cooking animation:

If you want to talk to me add me on discord: Shim#1306, don’t expect me to work for lower prices than the ones stated before and I DO NOT take percent. My timezone is UTC+2 (France), you can pay me with Paypal or Roblox group. If many people are asking me many commissions at once I might do the ones who pay the most first.