[Animators/3-D Modelers needed] RPG Game Development

About me

Hello! My name is Ryan, and I’ve come in search for a development team! For a while now, I’ve been developing with a small team of two, and realized that progress was coming a bit to slow. So now I’m in search for some skilled Animaters/3D-Modelers (Hopefully with experience with MMORPG’S or Legend of Zelda.) and be prepared to show previous work.

Game in progress


Aeadia’s Saga: The Astral Adventure [Pre-Alpha]

Check out Aeadia’s Saga: The Astral Adventure [Pre-Alpha]. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Builder: MewMooo Animator: Clarky80 – Retired Thumbnail’s & GFX Artists: Untopica and…


I’m available all day on weekdays and weekends, preferably Saturdays.


Payment will generally be a percentage on the games revenue, however if upfront payment is needed I will pay only in robux.

Head Developer/Scripter (1/1) - 35% Game Revenue
Builder (1/1) - 15% Game Revenue – [Full]
Weapon 3D-Modeler (0/1) - 25% Game Revenue
Animator (0/1) - 25% Game Revenue

These are just rough estimates and obviously be changed depending on the work effort and quality.

Here is a rough distribution of the game plan for each role above:


Developer Forum:

DM me for any inquires.






I see you created like 5 of these but you can always, edit your first post and put in positions that are. Filled and put the ones that still need filled…!

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That’s true! Sorry I might have been excessive over these past couple weeks, I’ll refrain from that from now on, haha!

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Are you able to pay the animator PPA?

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I am quite interested in becoming a 3D-Modeler for your game. I find your game concept to be really cool.

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A promising game and a promising offer, though I would highly suggest having a dedicated composer. :upside_down_face: As @12904 asked before, are you able to pay animators per animation? If that is the case, I may be interested.


I would like to help be an weapon modeler for your game. I am very talented in modeling weapons I don’t use blender but the program I use still works perfectly.

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Ok! Add me on discord #6278 and send me some examples of your previous work!

Whoa, I’m looking forward to whoever’s the animator. That’ll going to look hella sick.

However, if you do pay animators per animation (just like what two people before me asked), I’m interested.

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