Announcement (December 25th)

Wow, it’s been quite a long time sense the last update and even longer sense the last new release. The last release was on February 14th 2020, this was over 300 days ago. This marks the longest period I have ever had without a new game release. Let’s get on with the announcement.

Today I will be releasing EndBLOX, WinterBLOX, and I’ll be rereleasing BLOXcamp Alpha

EndBLOX: EndBLOX is a little test game I have made over the past few much. I just released it so everyone can check out what I’ve been working on recently but it’s nothing much.

WinterBLOX: WinterBLOX is a winter themed hangout game.

BLOXcamp Alpha: This is a build of BLOXcamp from around April 2020. BLOXcamp was initially released earlier this year but was later closed due to technical difficulties. It is now being rereleased.


Q: why were there only two announcement posts this year
A: this year has been difficult for everyone and the events of this year have greatly impacted my development schedule.

Q: how many announcement post will come next year?
A: this is currently undecided but there could be 2 - 3 in the year 2021.

Q: how many updates will come for these games?
A: WinterBLOX will get no updates along with BLOXcamp Alpha. EndBLOX is to be decided.