Announcement of game of the los.robloxianos.2

Hello to everyone,

All days people is playing to our game so we are working on new updates for countinue with the game!

Someone tried the new “YouTuber Admin Update” you can buy it for only 749R$! This give to you a lot of ventages for do an amazing YouTube, TikTok etc… good video!

This week we will relase some updates (we can’t say the number). So please if you have some questions only ask to me or the nexts usuers (contact by Roblox chat and in someone’s discord):
calvitoapestoso08 - Roblox chat - Discord: calvitoapestoso08
mnfernan10 - Roblox chat

We are so happy for the new updates (we are working) but we are so, so happy because all days there are people playing to the game and this is for our Devolper team a good reason for continue devolving the game.

Contact to me:

Roblox Usuer: Elc2503093

Discord: Elc2503093#0087


Thank You for the daialy support

Elc2503093 Head of los.robloxianos.2 Devolper Team