Announcing Freeze Party!

Hey Freeze Tag players!

A few of you will have noticed me announcing Freeze Party on the group shout. This is an update and re-brand of Astro Corporation’s Freeze Tag! The game was originally made in October 2017 as an experiment and challenge while I was on holiday; it was never intended to be released to the Roblox public so the game in its current form is imperfect in many aspects.

Many mobile and tablet players (a demographic that makes up 80-85% of all Freeze Tag users) have been complaining about bad performance on their devices, as well as a painful user interface. The game also wasn’t very upgradable so it was a pain for me to work on, resulting on a lack of updates.

To solve this problem, I decided that the best route of action would be to completely remake the game, and release it as an update to the current Freeze Tag! To avoid confusion with many similarly-named games, I have taken the decision to rebrand the game as Freeze Party , and it will feature a new (considerably nicer) game icon and thumbnail.

Notable planned changes and improvements:

(please note that not all of these will be available on release)

  • New game modes
  • New maps
  • New lobby
  • Implementation of cases containing random items
  • Completely redesigned UI with smooth animations
  • New pets that don’t require the gamepass (there will be special ‘premium’ pets for gamepass holders)
  • New benefits for VIPs
  • New benefits for group members

What current players need to be aware of:

  • All of your particles and gear will be removed as they will cease to exist in Freeze Party. You will be reimbursed with the equivalent value of your items in the new currency.
  • Holders of the ‘Pets!’ and ‘VIP’ gamepasses will keep their pass, with some slight changes to the benefits.
  • When the huge update happens, you will keep around 10% of your points. While this doesn’t sound like a lot, please note that points are now worth a lot more. A level one speed boost, for example, now costs 50 points whereas a Speed Coil in Freeze Tag cost 1,000 points.
  • All game badges will become impossible to obtain, although you’ll still keep them if they’ve been earned already!

I have not yet planned a date for this update, although it is likely to be in the next week. The game will be unplayable for around an hour when the update is pushed, so I’ll make sure this isn’t at a peak time!

If you’d like to try out the update for yourself, feel free to play this!

This post will be updated when a date and time is confirmed

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