Anonymous Anti Exploit | Feedback

Anonymous Anti Exploit

This is the Anonymous Anti Exploit Feedback post, please share with us how we can improve if you found bypasses, have ideas, and more!

If you would like to join our communication servers please check the group social links.

The The test place can be found here and the group can be found here, If you need any more information please post about it!


Can you send a gyazo or devforum vid?

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Here you go! (its processing this post will be edited with the gyazo vid)


But you only moved 2 inches when u tried anti noclip

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What do you mean by that, may you explain?

Like when u used noclip on block, you only moved two inches when u go to block, is there some false positive if you kept going through it?

Also is the antiexploit still 4k robux?

Check the licensing game on the group.

ok imma try out this anti exploit. In the test gameeeee

Oh, no there is no false positives its meant to work like that, lemme send you a video that is just noclip!


Very good! Tested it myself, it works well.


I personally think it’s pretty good. It has a 99% detection rate, which is not bad.

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Small Update!

This won’t appear in the main post

We have fixed a bug with Anti-Speed, and added 2 more methods for speed.

did you optimize jump anti exploit?

What do you mean by that, may you elaborate (In PMS)

use infyeld cfly command… it not detected allow you to noclip and fly around just fine

Hm, I’ll try thanks for the feedback.

4k Robux for this? Seems wayy overpriced, I just bypass speed, and then when I tested noclip it broke. There are also many other free anti exploits that I use and I never experienced any bugs or glitches with that and I never had issues with it. I only think this would be only worth 4k if it was better than all of the other free anti exploits + there are 0 bugs until then it should be free.


it also seems like your anti noclip can get you stuck in some wall… I try to do a wall glitch in a corner and I got stuck being loop teleported into a wall whit no way to escape it… Maybe make the punishment so after some time it respawns the player… so if they get stuck they have a way out …?

What do you mean, may you elaborate in dms? the current bypasses I know of will be CframeFly which I’m fixing currently, what bugs did you find?