Anonymous Anti Exploit | Feedback

Thanks for the suggestion, I will make sure to fix that!


Guys, please notice when you are testing AAE please note It’s quite a new system (it’s been fully rewritten) so when your posting criticism please tell me how you think I should improve it.

Note: Issue has been resolved.

We’re experiencing an issue, the testing place will be down for the moment.

If you ever need a tester hmu up on discord @ LancmoV2@8401, If I am home then I am available.

Update Log

We had released 1.0.1 and have officially updated to 1.0.2

[NEW] Added more speed detections.
[NEW] Added more fly detections.
[IMPROVEMENT] Performance optimized (better performance!)
[MORE] To read more of the update log

[WEBSITE] You can now visit our website!

*ㅤThe issue we’ve had 5 hours ago was resolved & If this post can get deleted due to links please notify me

The game isn’t playable, the movement is too buggy and nothing works.

All the detections do work, the movement is very laggy and I have no idea why, it worked yesterday with 0 lag in movement.

# Issues

The game has been temporarily locked due to an issue, we are now fixing it! smth broke the anti-exploit completely.

This issue has been resolved.

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# We are expirementing some issues.

This issue has been resolved.

Released the showcase video!

never knew u couls video edit lol

I didn’t do it, big thanks to @RxsidentAspect

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What would you guys like to see coming to anonymous systems, please remember to say what package

Basic; Mainly Physics
Advanced; Mainly Coregui Detections

Update coming april 27! with alot of bug fixes & detection methods

Do core gui cuz i wanna see how u access core gui thx

I will not release the coregui for testing its to of a risk of it getting leaked.

Can you atleast show me how you implemented it? I would like this to stop exploiters from using dex inside my games

No, If I show the code people will just use that for free :nerd_face:

-gtg bye. back after 2 hours

you can pm him the code. so it wont be publically revealed.

Why should i buy this if it has false positives with roblox glitches? for example ladder flicking. (you flick on a ladder then jump)

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