Anonymous forum questions game

I am currently looking for answers for a new game that I am making. It is an anonymous forum which any Roblox user can anonymously post on. There is text filtering on the game (it’s a given) but I am not sure if it is allowed by Roblox. Are there any modifications necessary to my game?

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Uhh I don’t know what thread specifically on #help-and-feedback it should go to. I thought this would be the next best place to put this on.

Wait #development-discussion is fine.

You definitely need to add reporting and moderators.

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I can help with moderation, it sounds interesting.

That sounds nice! I think it could be done since the way I will be achieving the anonymity is through hashing out names on the client. The server will still know everyone’s names but the clients won’t.

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You could have it such that the moderators know the client names…

That is the plan, is that moderators can have access to the uncensored logs of the forum.

From my knowledge of TOS, without checking anything, you should be fine as long as the text filtering works.