Anonymous Replies - substitute for dislikes

Disliking a forum post allows you to respectfully, yet anonymously disagree with the post without either flagging or posting a controversial reply. They serve as good moderation and reduce censorship.
However, whenever they have been brought up, they have been met with a varied range of backlash. Here are the main problems:
-They say you disagree but don’t say why.
-They can be abused and used as a weapon.
-It can be a bad experience to get many dislikes on a post you created, even though you think it’s good.

For these reasons, dislikes are not a feature on the developer forum. However, there are a lot of problems with the system as it is:
-You’re unable to disagree with a post without either flagging (which may not be necessary if it doesn’t actually break any rules) or opening your public profile up to backlash.
-Because people don’t want to post negative replies due to backlash, this creates global “echo chambers” where only popular opinions can prosper.
-Additionally, having no dislike option contributes to forum rage - if you don’t like a post but are scared to say it publicly, you’re bound to get annoyed and people act irrationally when they’re angry.

So, here is my idea for a new feature: Anonymous Replying.
-You can reply to a post anonymously (staff can still see the author if it gets flagged.)
-People aren’t afraid to share unpopular opinions or critiques anymore, but they still can’t spam or flame-bait due to user flags.
-More varied opinions on the forum. Most people are lurkers, and I suspect a strong reason for this is the urge to stay anonymous.
-Your digital footprint that shows all of your opinions on the forum is reduced.
-The staff will probably get less flag reports to deal with, as people are satisfied instead with sending a critical reply!

I don’t expect this to amount to anything but hopefully the forum will begin to move in the right direction.
Post any critiques below!


This has more of a concern to be abused by trollers than disliking does. I’d rather there just be dislikes. I can really only see this being useful for #updates since Roblox is not going to care as much with harsh criticism.


I strongly dislike this idea.

Anonymity causes people to be too confident about people’s responses and it can lead to actual bullying. If you’re afraid to share your opinions because it isn’t the popular one, I suggest stepping from the internet and growing the confidence in the fact that opinions are subjective and everyone is entitled to one.


If it becomes bullying, the post would get flagged the same way any bullying post would get flagged and handled by staff - I don’t think that’s a problem here. The danger is people sending one-off replies which are not against the rules but are still harsh, however, it’s better than the post not getting any critique at all, and only one opinion getting shared.

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I will onymously disagree with this idea.

A reply is no more or less open to backlash than the original post in the current system.

It works fine as it is, as you can see.


I love this idea and love to see it add! Here is why:

  • Many developers value privacy
  • Trolls cannot track the posts across the website.
  • Some people get upset when some one disagrees with them even if they do it politely so now a person cannot have a grudge because they have not idea who they are!

Although we also have remember there there might be few people saying whatever they want because they are anonymous and will not ruin there reputation.

I think though that there will be more good then bad in this feature if it is approved.


I don’t think that you really understood that point of my post. I meant that people feel more emboldened to be buttholes in response to someone just because of the layer of anonymity. The problem isn’t if but how many more there will be especially since there are times where DET isn’t around to moderate the forum and will leave those posts public until they start the day.

That isn’t against the rules then it shouldn’t be taken down nor feared that it will be taken down. People will flag harsh responses no matter what because most of the userbase of this forum doesn’t have a backbone. The issue will still be here regardless if anonymous or not.

What needs to be done is to have DET not crack to the pressure of removing posts that are being mass-flagged if it’s not against the rules. I’ve had many posts be taken down because I had an opposing opinion, someone didn’t like what I said or overall was targeted by someone.


Disliking a post is not respectful disagreement, helping posters understand why you disagree is more respectful. The forum is still a public resource, other people are in on discussions here.

Threads should foster good discussion and discovery of new information. Some things I have only learned precisely because people need to reply to disagree instead of hitting a button, or I’ve also taught others some things that way. If you’ve seen some of my past posts, especially in 2017, it’ll show. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure there are people here who’ve learned a thing or two through disagreements provided they aren’t trying to pick a weird hill to die on.

Having a bunch of likes on a post doesn’t necessarily indicate correctness, it simply says agreement without seeing “I agree with this” spam posts. They’re a void metric and objectively, whether or not you care about the likes on a post, don’t authoritatively say anything about the post’s content. A more agreeable or correct post in one’s eyes may garner more likes, that’s just how it is.

We have a deep enough problem with users being unable to control themselves when replying with their public accounts, I don’t think anonymous replying is helping here. You should write your request in terms of the problem you want solved rather than a proposed feature you want to exist.

See: How to post a Feature Request


since when was there a dislike feature and how do I dislike this post


Or, just the mods to be able to see anonymous accounts and ban both the anonymous account and the real account

There is a major problem with this, and that is the fact that you could just use the ‘send private message to poster’ in the flag menu, since in there you could just use @ and the user will appear. (you probably shouldn’t remove @ ing of anonymous users)