Another AOE Ability Help

I’ve been working on this AOE Ability for almost 3 weeks and though I’ve made progress but i still need help, I’ve been getting an error in my damage script for the AOE script

Unable to cast Dictionary to OverlapParams

I’ve tried many solutions given to me and looked through the dev forum but I haven’t found any answers to this problem

Here is the script:

local DamageDealer = script.Parent
local HitboxSizeVector3 =
local Results = workspace:GetPartBoundsInBox(, HitboxSizeVector3, OverlapParams)

for i, obj in pairs(Results) do 
	if obj:IsA("BasePart") and obj.Parent.Name ~= script.Player.Name and obj.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") then

It looks like you’re sending a Dictionary/Table instead of OverlapParams

On the Dev Hub it shows that OverlapParams is a seperate class which is created using

local MyParams =

and then you assign properties to it such as

MyParams.FilterType = blah blah blah


Also, don’t name your things the same as built-in functions, classes or objects. OverlapParams is already a thing inside Roblox so you should consider naming it something such as “DamageParams” or whatever fits more.

Hope I helped!

I’ve realized I used the wrong script, a have multiple variations of this same script, sorry for the error

Alright this is the right script now

It still has the same error though. Nevermind I fixed that.

Quick question, the script is now working but it’s only hitting the player and not the test dummies that I’ve laid out across the area

How would I make it hit the dummies and other players and not the player which did the AOE ability?

This looks like it’d work. Not sure why it doesn’t in your case
It’s just checking if the Character’s Name isn’t the same as the Dummy/Other Player’s Character

Should try to keep looking on the devforum or just wait for someone else to come across this conversation?