Another GFX I made

Not sure if I like how this one turned out, but never the less let me know your thoughts


Its good, but you cant really see the face to the character on the left.

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Hello, may I say you did a very well-made job for your GFX and I could say it looks very cartoonish.

Though I would only recommend if you could apply some more brighter lighting for your GFX because honestly, it looks very dark and if we look at the background in the small openings of the white fences we could see it’s resembling the day time, so it would be recommendable if you could add some more brighter lighting for the GFX.


Awesome! The lightning is great and its an adorable cartoony scene. :smiley:

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I can tell that he is using hdri and no extra effects in photoshop. But Good Luck In Your Future. :slight_smile:

Looks amazing, I love the detail you put into it. I suggest for future creations add lighting to make it a really realistic and nice sunny day!

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