Ansuz Studios - Hiring Developers

About Us

Ansuz Studios is new development group, that’s why we are searching for people that can work with us. We have no published games for now (as I said, It’s new group), last time we started our first project (we finished around 1/3 of whole game). We will not stop after publishing first game, i hope our group will grow. For now it’s not well known but it will change after finishing Mount Olympus.

Our Team

@polishkilleRYT - Lead terrain designer, Group owner,
@JusteTheCoder - Scripter,
@PalmCrafter - User Interface designer,
@TheSuspectDude - High poly models developer.

We are searching for :
Long Term :
-Graphic Creator (Your works will be used mainly in user interface, and surface GUIs)
-Terrain design assistant (Someone to help me with terrain, you don’t need huge experiance)
One time jobs :
-GFX design (After finishing game)

Work Flow

After joining our team you will receive tasks document with deadlines. If you will not finish what you should in time don’t worry i will just expand them (I’d like to avoid this situation). They shouldn’t be too hard, but if they do - we will change them.

Our projects

Mount Olympus Climbing Simulator

We are trying to make this game as realistic as possible. It’s our first and for now only project.

It’s our only project for now, but we have some future games ideas (for example Mariana trench diving simulator)


In long term job we are paying in % :
Terrain assistant - 10%
Graphic Designer - 10%
In one time jobs we are offering one time payment (in long term you can ask for one time payout too, contact me)

Contact Informations

-Discord : PanLadzio#8803

-Our group : Ansuz Studios - Roblox
-Discord Server : xFmD9FP


Hello! I’m interested in the GFX design, Trito#3914.

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