Answering Questions for RDC



With RDC approaching in just over 3 months, I see that a lot of people have questions pertaining to RDC. That being said, if you have any questions, reply to this topic with your question and me or somebody else will try to help you out with an answer or anything else. Don’t be afraid to ask for help here :smiley: !


Can I know, in full detail, how the game jam works? It’s something that seems really interesting to me and if I hopefully get an invite, I really want to participate.

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Great question!

Game Jam is on the second day of RDC, which I believe started in the evening if I recall properly. In years past, Game Jam used to be a few hours where devs would assemble into teams to make a game based off of a theme, which is announced just before Game Jam starts. However, starting last year and continuing this year, Game Jam will continue on overnight (16 hours), ending the next morning. Teams (from years past) have a maximum of 6 members and a minimum of 1 member. Many of the teams that participate in Game Jam form their teams before RDC, rather than at RDC. After the time runs out for publishing a game, you’ll have to send the judges a link to your game. After judging, they will announce the top 15 games, which will be showcased on-stream and presented. After the presentations, they will announce the top 3 games. Members of the team that made the games will go home with a very nice looking plaque and a trophy will be awarded to them on Roblox as an item.

There’s also a casual Game Jam, not as competitive as the regular Game Jam. It’s just a way to showcase your skills without the intense pressure of making a game to compete against others.

Hope this answered your question! :smiley:


Wait, how does that work? Non-forum members can go to rdc???


You can compete in Game Jam alone or with a team. Not sure about non-forum members going to RDC. Although they won’t receive an invitation, they can apply for one in the later stages of the wave cycle.


Oh sorry, I misunderstood 1 member as 1 member of the dev forum. :grin:

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That’s okay, heh. You’re fine!


What is the average cost of everything? The ticket, hotel stay, potential Uber/Lyft/public transportation costs, food, etc? This is not including any other activities after RDC like hiking or the plane ticket costs to get to the area. Thank you in advance!


The ticket prices are:

Developer Pass (Over/Under 16) - $75 USD

Chaperone Pass (Only needed for Under 16 devs) - $50 USD

Hotel (2-night stay) - $200 USD

You may or may not have to pay for all of these together, what you buy depends on what you need.

The food is completely covered along with the ticket price. You don’t need to pay for dinner on the first day for the Welcome Party or breakfast for the other two days. You may need to pay for other food if you want to eat outside of the times food is available at RDC. There’s a cafe inside the hotel (although a lot of their items are expensive). You can go around outside the hotel and find some food. Last year, I used an Uber and walked to Panda Express to get food when I arrived at around 9 AM PST.

As for transportation, the Uber/Lyft prices are surprisingly not as high as you might think they are. It still depends on distance, but generally, you’ll be paying between $10-$25 a ride (depending on where you go)


Is game jam going to be livestreamed on the roblox channel? Since I wont be able to attend and I doubt i will get a invite, I really want to watch game jam live. Even if I have to pay to watch it!


Unfortunately, Game Jam is not livestreamed. You might find somebody streaming it on Periscope though.


Do you know any devs that did last year?


None that I know of, no. I could try to this year.


Sure! Update me if you plan to when time comes around. Ill for sure watch

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Will the keynotes be the same as last year, will they be different, or is it too early to say?


The keynotes tend to be updates to the community. That being said, I do believe they’ll be different, but not too different.

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I’ve received an invite from roblox and planning to attend to RDC but one thing i’m worried about is my English is not fluent.
Will there be any problem with it? Like, Will i have to talk something in front of numerous of people

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Going from last years, 1 or 2 people would pitch the project then the remaining team mates would help play/manage the game. As long as other members in your team are happy to pitch, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thank you for the answer :smile:

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While @ForeverHD already answered I’ll add some more on it to help you decide whenever to go or not. I’m Norwegian and my accent and pronouncing of English words are far from the best in the world. But I survived, most people understood what I were saying and I didn’t have to speak in front of many people at all. Hope this help you decide :slightly_smiling_face:

RDC is worth it