Answers to your recent questions regarding our DMCA policy

I wish that would have been implied then. Usually Roblox gets back to me relatively quickly. I understand though.

I mean, they are getting paid to do it. I wouldn’t complain too much if that’s literally your job description and you know what you are getting into.

Sure they get paid and knew what to expect beforehand, but it doesn’t make it any less tedious to go through.


I also requested some of my assets to be removed, and it’s been weeks. I understand it’s a small department, however if it’s going to be such a long response time, can you be punished for these assets before they get deleted?


Depends if a DMCA takedown is sent before Roblox has removed the infringed upon asset. While I understand it’s still putting your account at risk, if you haven’t been moderated yet for that particular asset then it’s safe to assume the copyright holder won’t be reaching out to Roblox anytime soon.

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Use relevant Platform Feedback topics to discuss on a feature to remove assets, not here.

It should be way easier for developers to take down their own content in a case such as this. Having to email Roblox with hundreds of links to remove is simply not efficient.


I’m assuming your point is sarcastic. If so, what point are you trying to make?

I sent an email to get IP Content removed on the 22nd of March, 24 days ago. Action still hasn’t been taken. How long can we expect until content we uploaded and requested to be removed from the site actually gets removed?

Can we get an actual response? I don’t want to be hung on a thread with the slightest inkling that DMCA’s are still being handed out and we aren’t being told anything about the progress or what is effective.


I got a (automated) response after a few minutes, saying that the content i provided was added to a queue of over 9 million, if you didn’t get this i recommend resending your email.

This is an automated message to notify you that your request has been received and your ticket number is 9051952. We’ll follow-up with you further as soon as possible.


You misinterpreted that email response. That’s just your ticket number, i.e. the # of request that Roblox’s support system received. Everyone gets this automated response when they sent in a ticket, it does not mean your assets were added to a queue yet.

Who decides the legitimacy of notices and

Hello. I was wondering with the copyright rules, would this mean the Hilton Hotels group is at risk of being taken down?

Thank you!

Yes and they have been for as long as Roblox has existed. You should only use content/IP that you have a license for (that means: explicit permission from the copyright owner).


5 weeks now. Context is the same. Looking for response.

It’s insane that “Developer Relations is here for us developers” when they don’t even give us an update on things that threaten our lifestyles and businesses.

Hopefully DevRel at least tell people what’s going on.


You shouldn’t need to be told that using IP which is not yours is a bad idea and you could be punished.

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Whoa whoa whoa. It’s downright rude to put him into a corner like that. Many developers simply have copyrighted content on here they uploaded when they were young/weren’t aware of copyright infringement. Not everyone was directly living off these assets, but action could still be taken against their account for them. You can still be living off an honest game and have your account deleted because you uploaded copyrighted material at some point.


If you read the statements about the policy, this is exactly what they are not trying to accomplish. In such a situation the infringement isn’t with malicious intent. They’ll work with you when you get the strike to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


That’s good. It still doesn’t change the fact that it’s rude to assume someone’s living off others copyrighted material.