Anti CoreGui / CoreGui detection

Well the tittle explains it pretty well, After my other post about detecting Dex / Anti kick scripts got taken down I decided to make this post instead. Anyways, I decided to give a shot at detecting ANY sort of non valid Gui’s inside CoreGui and I was succesfull. It doesn’t only detect normal Gui’s put inside CoreGui, It actually detects that are protected by the : syn.protect_gui(obj GUI)

Anyways here’s the showcase : (1) Anti CoreGui, Roblox - YouTube

Remember, I gladly take any form of critique! and I gladly answer any questions.

PS: Before anyone says something like ‘so easy to bypass, Or not usefull at all.’ I want to mention that this is with not added security, Which means that the anti cheat obviously IS vulnerable. BUT I can add any form of security if I feel the need.


I love how we have to purchase these hacking applications to patch the hacks. Roblox doesn’t seem to care about hacks they don’t even try with anti-cheat.


I mean, It’ll detect any form of CoreGui Gui that Isn’t valid / whitelisted.


That’s really nice. Anyways to contact ?

Well, not all exploits really work. Those that do, some are patched already.

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They can atleast try there is many things they can patch


They could, But there’s no point in trying to. Its the exact same for us game developers (Not to let y’all down) But ClientSided detections ARE NOT POSSIBLE to call secure. If roblox would patch all exploits they’d find a way to get past that, Its a waste of time on roblox’s behalf. Sadly exploits Is and exploits will be a part of Roblox.

discord : Sinkl0z#6982

(30 is needed omg i hate this)

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They already do. In fact, just last Wednesday they released a patch for a very popular free exploit that caused people to get HWID banned, but it’s important to note that these generalized patches can only go so far, and will get un-patched (worked around) by cheat makers in a matter days. There was also a change that caused all exploits to break for ~4 - 5 days.


Isn’t this just a text box detection and game processed detection? It doesn’t actually detect on execution and I’m pretty sure disabling the connection would bypass completely.

Hm probably, Not sure what I’ve created.

Unless you’re very familiar with the roblox engine and you’re able to whitelist the devconsole, gui, purchase prompts, notification bars, and player list

This detection isn’t viable, still nice work, I don’t mean to undermine your work but it has some flaws.

Yeah, I get that. Could I contact you in private to show you something?

Yeah Add me;


I’m not home atm but I’ll accept friend request when I am and we can talk!

Sure thing! Adding you right now.

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Sorry for the bump on this month old topic. But interestingly this is possible? I don’t know what method of detection you did but it seems interesting on how you can detect ProtectGui as it is quite hard to detect that. Even I don’t know how to do it.