"Anti RoSync" Plugin

Hey there!

I made an Anti-RoSync plugin for fun yesterday and to try out some string patterns.
If you don’t know what RoSync is, it’s a backdoor that is infamous for being deadly.
I am mainly looking for feedback on the string patterns.



cool plugin definetely very useful for me cuz i get them alot also can i know what Rosync actually do to your game cuz i had a time my game was infected by it and i didnt see any difference in game

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RoSync doesn’t do anything in particular other than load a serverside executor into your game which then bad actors can use to essentially bypass FE in your game and do anything to it.

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Basically. Also, here’s some additional information: These people likely don’t join the game unless the backdoor detects high player traffic in the game. Also, it seems these don’t always work because recently, Roblox added an update that logs every “require” into the output. One of these was an error that occupied and it mentioned an IP address. The model I noticed that was responsible for this was updated on November 9th. I wonder if this only either works if this user/server is online, or is constantly being taken down.
TL;DR you may not always notice something because the culprit can’t/doesn’t want to do anything

This doesn’t do anything but log the require, the serverside itself still works.

That’s kind of common sense lol, if no one is punching you you aren’t being hurt.

Yes. Also, I got a friend to check as well, and I missed something. The last asset seems to have a “Poseidon” exploiting GUI.
Also, I might as well ask, do you know a way where I could mass report all the asset IDs? I got them all from the output.

Not sure what you mean by “mass report”; if it’s revolving a bot, then it’s most likely API abuse and would possibly get you punished. If you want to normally report something, please resort to the on-site report system or support.

I’m talking about the large amount of assets that were used to hide/redirect to the culprit script. I was able to get the IDs from the console. Reporting every single one of those would be very tedious and I’m not sure if Roblox would even respond, which is why I’m asking But I’ll try reporting them via Support.

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Okay, turns out the number of asset IDs exceeds the character limit for the report (which shouldn’t even exist in the first place). I tried to separate the report into two parts, but it won’t let me submit another one in such a quick timespan (which wouldn’t be a problem if that dumb character limit wasn’t there). But hopefully, they’ll do something about it.