Anti Team kill using Teams

I’m currently working on a Sword Duel game and I came across that I forgot to add a Anti Team Kill using teams, though, I’m completely suck on how to do so. The area is about 4 players on each team and. 4 pads the left and 4 on the right and the players get teleported to the left and right based on the side they stood on.

Would there be any way I could add a Team System to this specific code and assign each player their own team?

for i, Data in pairs(PlayersInRound) do
			local Player = Data.Player
			local Team = Data.Team
			local StartPad = Team.Spawn
			local Character = Player.Character
			if Character.Parent and Character.Humanoid.Health > 0 then
				Data.Alive = true
				TeamMembersSpawned[Team] = (TeamMembersSpawned[Team] and TeamMembersSpawned[Team] + 1) or 1
				Character.PrimaryPart.CFrame = StartPad.CFrame +,(StartPad.Size.Y/2)+3,0) + (StartPad.CFrame.RightVector * ((-2 * (TeamSizes[Team] - 1)) + (4 * (TeamMembersSpawned[Team] - 1))))
				ServerStorage.ClassicSword:Clone().Parent = Player.Backpack
				local function CheckRoundEnd()
					Data.Alive = false

Whatever part of your script involves the killing or damaging of a player, put an IF statement before it to check if the player is on the same team.

if killer.Team ~= victim.Team then