AntiFreeze allowed on roblox

Like the chemical you put into your car. Is that allowed in roblox for a mechanic game? Like obviously I wouldn’t make an antifreeze drinking game since its toxic but it would be fine for a car mechanic shop decor? I wasn’t sure since I know roblox is strict when it comes to stuff like this.


I mean I can’t see a problem with it, but knowing some kid they’ll mistake it as something else.

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I don’t see why that would be a problem. Context of the object is important, and having antifreeze in a mechanic shop is like having a gun in a gun shop. The TOS and Community Rules don’t seem to imply that this would be restricted.


Alright just making sure. Don’t want my game to go under review.

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Yea, That is why I asked the question.

I can’t see why it’d be an issue. In the correct context it’s just an ordinary/essential item

Like @Crazyman32 said, it’s fine with context. It’s fine in a car shop, such as bleach in a washing machine or a knife in a kitchen. It wouldn’t be okay if it was just in a house, an alleyway, or school, as some examples. Context is everything.

Very true.

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