Any advice of what I should add in this map?


So I’m working on a big map for my RP Game (Custom Image Roleplay)
and I need some advices of what I should add in this game.

I still haven’t finished the city part and the forest yet since I’m running
out of ideas

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add a statue of you
add a statue of me
add a statue of UserId 1
add rails a :train:
add :robux:
add rentable houses

please say @Qin2007 if you


maybe some elevation and depressions in the land to give it more depth aside from hills and mountains

I will give you an advice, dont place the exact same tree one thousend times. I can tell pretty easy that is the exact same tree you are using there, the only thing that changes is the height. Dont do that, try to make new trees for that forest. Things you can add.

  1. Houses.
  2. Maybe a lake because is an island and it can fit in very good.
  3. You can add train station or an airport.
  4. Try to add a theme park.
  5. Try to play with the map, add mountains or things like that.

That things maybe can give the map a good view.

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Add houses and stuff like that, a empty map like that isnt fun.