Any feedback on my game's thumbnail?

I made this on my phone, using PicsArt


Wow! That looks nice but it feels empty, A title would fix the emptiness, but aside from that, It looks alright!


Little confused what the game is here. I will say some informational text, or something explaining and showing more about the game would be nice! Seems to be like a building game?

Some text, and maybe some renders, or something would make this nice! I like the simplicity as well though.


I love it! And one thing that caught my eye was this quote:

That is some good work for a phone job. I can barely make a gradient lol.

One thing I have to agree on though is with @TwinPlayzDev . It could use some text describing what it is, even if it is a few words. BUT, if or when you have a description, this could be solved with the description.

Based off of what twin said, it is something like this (Not the best but works for what he said)
80da1bbbbe29dad299a25f7109b0311cbbfa30c5_2_690x388 (1)

Overall, my own rating of your work is a 20/10 because its nice thumbnail (and some plain thumbnails do exist), and because of that being made on a phone, good job dude and keep it up! :smiley:


oh yes, it’s a building game.
and i do agree that i should add a little more to it, thanks for the feedback ^^

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i’ll keep that in mind ^^

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Made on a PHONE? Wow! It looks amazing! But I’d recommend adding text. If you have a PC or a laptop, here are some graphic designing websites I’d would suggest using! PicMonkey (not free) is easy to use and I create many of my logos/thumbnails off of it! Many fonts, stickers, templates, and more! Also Pixlr! This is FREE and I would give the platform 7/10! It does the job, but sometimes I get a little lost. I don’t have any mobile graphic designing apps, but I’ll be sure to leave any mentions if I find some!

Despite all of that, the design is wonderful. The blueprint logo looks wonderful and very unique! Wonderful job!


thank you! ^^
i’ll keep that in mind as well :3

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