Any feedback on My Many Marshmallows Modeled in blender?

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 11.32.00 PM


Looks cute! My only suggestion is for the direction of the wood grain to be changed from horizontal to vertical.
This stick on this image has a wood grain that flows from the bottom to the top, vice versa. The texture on yours look like brown zebra stripes, at least to me. I’ll stop because I’m starting to sound a lot like WoodReviewer.

But aside from that, you did an excellent job!


This is up to you, but you could make the edges of the marshmallow rounded to make it look more realistic.

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Looks good. Maybe consider branching another part of the stick off on the left side. When you’re making something natural like plants or wood, you don’t want to have too many long straight lines.

Also, it’s hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like there’s a shading issue with the marshmallows. You can probably resolve this by rounding out the edges of the top and bottom of the cylinder or setting your shading to AutoSmooth instead of Smooth.

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I would like for the marshmallows to look more fluffy. And also, make the sicks have thorns thanks.

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I like your creation, but I would suggest making them a bit more round or fluffy, however you want to call it.

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