Any feedback on this boat? Boat script by Rengate

This is my first post on devforum :slight_smile:

I have a few questions. Number one is there anyway for me to add a wake to this? And can I add body roll? I am very bad at scripting and had to take the drive script from a tutorial. :frowning:

robloxapp-20210310-0603270.wmv (2.9 MB)


(i know the model needs some work aesthetically but I can do that myself) :slight_smile:

And sorry for bad video

Hey there, I think you’re in the wrong section of support. You should probably head over to scripting support instead.

This section is for building support which explains why no one’s been able to help you out yet.

Hope that helps you!

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Ok! Thanks for the advice! I’ll move it ASAP