Any Feedbacks on my New Creation?

Hello! This is my First Post, So I Want Couples of Feedbacks Regarding my New Creation that I Just did! Since its on Working! That is Map Based on Wheeling, West Virginia its a Huge map on Working! I Hope its look Good. I Would like to Listen Some Feedbacks from other Developer Let’s See What they Think! Thanks!
Have a Goood day!!


Looks like the same genre as

Generally pretty good


Thanks! Yep! That’s Gonna Pretty Similar to that :smile:

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Looks great! My only complaint on it is… the sun. Is it done with scripts or is it the default ROBLOX sun?

Also, why are you typing like a youtube title? “This is my First Post, So I Want”

All in all if you develop this more this might go out to be a great game!

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You mean a question right?

No, a complaint.

The sun is quite the blinding factor in the image.

And if its done with scripts make it a little little less blinding :smiley:

  1. Turn down the bloom, it’s hiding some of the build and drawing attention away from where you want it to go.

  2. The street barriers look a bit rushed and blocky. Maybe try remaking them to be more realistic?

  3. Stop sign doesn’t make sense. Who is stopping? It’s not even facing the road…

  4. The tree styling is very inconsistent. One of them is a literal ball and the other has branches and leaves. Pick one and stick with it to help make the game more coherent.

The bloom is really annoying, yeah.

Same with 4. Free models much? :thinking:

Sun is Default Roblox one I just edit it a bit.

Sorry… Since this is my First post So I really have no idea How to put titles…
and thanks!

Oh That’s Bloom I really lIke it at some points. but Yep I try to change it
there is no Free models. idk about trees that I got from my Friend

oh alr but that the Style how customer want it So I Cant Change it but I try my best to make some changes that you mention and Thanks!

If it’s for a commission, then you should listen to your customer rather than some random people on the Devforum. Remember, they’re the one paying for your work.

But they also said that you can use your imagination so yep.

Alr I Will make it less blinding

It’s to justify the reason if the topic wasn’t well categorized or if the content wasn’t up to quality.

It cannot be a complaint since it’s not your business and have no impact on you at all. It’s a constructive critique and suggestion.

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Nice job but make sure to lower the sunrays.

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