Any Good Game ideas that YOU would play?

What I want
I would like to find a kind-of original game idea, here are a few examples of what I wouldn’t really like to do as they aren’t so original: a tds; fps game (mainly because I can’t do one); basic horror game (I would rather have a more in-depth one.), and possibly any game idea that literally copies another one: like adopt me, Bedwars, pet sim x.

Basically, I couldn’t find any game idea that is original, and would easily create a active community base around it.

Solutions that I have came up so far

  1. Now, here is basically the main and best solution; I’ll just do it: basically brain storm ideas and even if they’re not original, i’ll do them. As i’m sure 90% of the good games made so far aren’t original themselves, here are some examples; Tower Defense Simulator, Arsenal, Randomizer, Bedwars, Murderer Mystery (2), and way more. The only problem to this is it might not attract alot of attention (this is a different topic from this, so I won’t talk about it in this post).

  2. A simple yet effective solution: Play a game I like, and re-do it. Or what I’ll call it: re-constructing. Now the main problem with this is originality, but as I mentioned in the last solution; there are many games that aren’t original.

  3. The last solution is to just ask people (which I will actually ask you too!) to just tell me a game idea that if it’ll be created, they’ll play the game.

After I completed a few games (yes I am currently working on some games as I basically used the first solution) i’ll use these solutions to come up with ideas; even possibly better ideas.

Ok, nows your turn, reply below with any good game ideas I could use!


Just think of one. It’s step 1, if you can’t think of anything just don’t do it, wait till you get some inspirations


I think an adventure game is a good idea if you add some unique style and things it would be pretty enjoyable to play.


Seems like a very good idea, and I’ll probably use this to come up with any game ideas! And if you have any game ideas please let me know so I can remember them!

Nice one, probably use it once!

I have had this game idea for a while, I don’t think I can pull this idea off for a long time so I’ll give it to you!

The game is sort of an adventure game with a story attached to it. It can almost be compared to combining a story game with an MMORPG. The backstory is that a once respected village went corrupt to mass murders. A young boy in the village was sent by the king to solve everything. In his adventures he found an ancient library with an inscription promising great power. He returned back to the village to his king where they started the summoning process of the mythical being.

As the days went by, it looked like the village had a bright future, however this was slowly ruined by the same mythical being. The young boy failed to translate a part of the inscription where the creature was pulling a façade and instead of great power, it would cause the end of the world. Soon enough this became true, and the entire country became a dark and miserable land, with dark magic corrupting its creatures and turning hostile. This is where the player comes in, you’re part of a group of survivors and the goal of the game is to progress through chapters where they must find supplies and slowly unravel and defeat this dark being.

The description of this game sounds very MMORPG styled, however you can shape up this idea to be anything you want! It can be a horror experience like The Mimic, it could be an open world experience, or it could even be like Piggy or something. Just don’t make it overcomplicated, you could even leave out the story. I titled the game Foreigner in case you’re wondering. I just thought it sounded interesting.

I would personally love to see something like this on Roblox. I don’t know about other people though.


Ok, this is GREAT! Now, here I got two different options to use, that I hope you can decide, so the first option, is that the game is solo, and more focuses on the story, than a competitive touch. The second option is to make it competitive, but there’s one problem; the group. As it’ll cause problems like (literally) the same group repeating. I found two current solutions to this though: either remove the group thing, instead the player can make it’s own group from real players; or make so the avatar of the group members will be randomized, and the names of the members will be picked by the player.

(So let me know what to focus on; thew story or the competive style, AND if you chose competitive , which solution do you think fits best, you could also make up your own ones.)

I’ll probably stick with the competitive style either way, as it’s an MMORPG, another problem is how do I get the “role-playing” style? because i’m not sure how to implement it.

(now that I think about it, I might add roles the player can pick, but who-knows)

Another feature is probably that if you join the game, and haven’t joined before, you’ll go through the story, but if you already have, then either you’ll be teleported into another game (which will be the actual game) or you will automatically get into the MMORPG.

Any other suggestions will be amazing.

Also, I got another question; would you like to work with me together on the game? As you’re are a huge part of it, as you came up with it anyways! Dm/Message me and we can have a chat.

I would be absolutely thrilled to work with you! I’ve never had a serious opportunity like this. I’m not the best programmer though, however I can help produce the game and draw up the concepts for it!

Not a problem! We could talk together in dms/messages, i’ll send you a message right now.

The first thing that You wanna do is plan:

  1. What is gonna be Your Game (simulator, tycoon etc.)
  2. Think, how are you gonna do such a game
  3. Draw on paper what You want your game to look like

Then after that, get to work.
Just one more thing, If your making a game, DO NOT thing about details right after you start making a brand new game.
First you need to make a working game and then maybe invite some players to test (even if your game is ugly and not finished with buildings) if your game has any bugs or glitches or even is it fun to play. Then you can add more details.

Here’s some ideas for games:
Robot Army Simulator, Speedrun, 100 stages obby with no checkpoints, Tower of Obbies…


i would play a good game :exploding_head::exploding_head:.