Any idea what is causing this behavior of textures to show through bricks and unions? Is this a bug?

I have a window union with a glass pane texture recessed within it by 0.4 studs.

When I view it from a distance or at an angle, the following behavior occurs in which the texture shows through both the union and normal bricks. This occurs both in studio and in-game.

I assume this is an engine bug, however, I do not have permissions to submit a formal bug report.

If someone with those permissions agrees with my assessment, could they please forward this to the proper forum?

Video of behavior:

Attached below is the world file from the demonstration:
SingleWindowUnionExperiment.rbxl (38.7 KB)

I think this is a way for roblox to optimise the way textures work so that the game can function on all platforms

I agree with what @Vernlage said. But it may be your graphics lowered too.