Any idea what this warning means?

Hey, developers.

I am getting a random warning:

Happened while I was playtesting my game. Not from any of my scripts; maybe from the chat system? However, I haven’t modified the chat at all.

Is this safe to ignore?

Thanks in advance,

Hmm, haven’t seen that before.

If you press CTRL+SHIFT+F in Studio, you can search all scripts for a specific string, try “just received” or something like that.

yeah. none of my scripts are doing that since it’s only 1 modulescript and a few scripts (which dont have any warns in them) so im guessing its some type of roblox thing. didnt seem to effect the game in any way, so im just gonna ignore it :man_shrugging:

on a sidenote, interesting username
on another sidenote, i use arch btw