Any ideas for a simulator please guys?

Do you guys have any ideas of simulators that are good if you do Please contact me

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Just make it after something you do in real life. (Cooking, cleaning, sleeping, e.c.t)


Existing Simulator


Try to make a game like Flamingo Simulator, im pretty sure it is not taken yet, and good luck :smiley:

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(Generally simulators are very hated because people see them as a cashgrab or a pay to win)

You can literally make a simulator out of anything:

  1. Toilet simulator
  2. School simulator

However, those are very general and may not get you any player count. I think one good thing to consider will be, what sets your game apart from other simulators? What is something unique? Study successful simulators like Bee Swarm simulator and Mining simulator and you might get an idea of what you want for your own game.

If we had good simulator ideas, why wouldn’t we just make them then? What do you bring to the table that would want us to give you our ideas?

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I’d strive for simulators that haven’t been created - made to gather different ideas take a walk down your town area neighborhood and see what factors you could gather even use images online if necassary.

Something that could be on the platform is (Reptile Simulator - Marine Biologist)? Or something along those lines where you clean the ocean or save animals that or endangered it all comes down on whatever idea you like to approach for.

For an example you should have quests that will be useful or players to play your game instead of giving players in-game currency the game would get bored very quickly trying to achieve tools gaining coins.

Try to strive for useful - better mechanics that players will enjoy have a decent gameplay instead of going for simulators that have already been made.

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you can’t make a game that you don’t enjoy, you make it for yourself.

what do you enjoy in real life?

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