Any Ideas How To Test Anti-Exploit Script

Hey Everyone, My Name Is Nehoray

I Created Anti-Health Change Script
Somebody Know How To Test It Like Exploiters Do?
Thanks Everyone

There are some several methods that I and my friend used to do.

  • Test it in studio and change the health value on client. (Client Screen upon testing the game)
  • Get a real exploiter to do it.

Either get an exploit sytem and use it only for your game or go into Roblox Studio play test, then I think if you go to Workspace -> Your username model -> Humanoid -> Health and change that, it would work

If it’s not workspace then its StarterPlayer (through client)

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Play the game and change properties in your Studio window in Client Mode this is a very good representation of exploiters dont switch to Server mode though

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I Also Heard That Exploiters Can Return Kick False And Still Stay In The Game

Oh and forgot to mention but I believed that Anti-Exploit script can only detect what is going on through Server-Sided stuff and not client which means to make it detect what has been change through local would require you a lot of works and is pretty tricky to deal with.

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As long as the kicking system is in Server-Sided they cannot avoid it.

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I Heard Even Server Side Kick Can Return False Idk How…

I don’t believed that it is true as long as the kicking script is Server-Sided they will get kick no matter what.

Unless you made the anti-exploit script in local script and it fires the value that determine if an exploiter is going to get kick or not then yes, in that case they can manipulate it.

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Very Useful Information.

Im very sure thats not true unless you are using a Remote event to send a value for kicking (not a part of discussion for this thread)

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