Any ideas on how I can make the backround look better

I am working on a obby game and right now I have no baseplate under the obby if a player falls they just go straight down. With the skybox that I am using it looks really bad because it is so dark below and I want the game to be a lot brighter and give a happier vibe.
Screenshot (33)
This is what it looks like, as you can see it just doesn’t look right. The classic roblox skybox is too common now and every other skybox I have found looks too realistic or has a dark abyss below the map like this one. Does anyone know how I can fix this or any way I can make this look better.

with the current look for the obby, a darker shade of grey would look good. beige would also look great but maybe would hurt the players eyeballs LOL. as for the baseplate, just make it invisible and transparent