Any improvements I can make with the exterior?


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It’s really bright, and hurts my eyes a lot. Looks super good, but it could use some toning down and occasional signs.

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Maybe some small bushes around the building? Also small decorations such as trash cans and benches.


'Ello there!

I’d tone down the bright neon, as stated here.

You could add a walkway to the outside of the building, as well as the few additions stated here.

Overall, you have done a magnificent job on the build! Keep it up, and best of luck!

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I definitely agree now that I look at it lol. I’ll definitely try toning that down.

Ooh, I’ll try to incorporate that. Thanks for the feedback.

Very nice design but I also agree with the others on the neon part but the shape looks great!

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Haha, yes I never actually realized how bright they were after look at them for quite a while. Thanks for the feedback.