Any possible disadvantage from putting tools at "Chat"?

bandicam 2022-10-15 00-35-32-552
I got hired as developer at a military game, my purpose was only optimize game…
But game was very unoptimized and required tons of ‘merging’.
After some times, I took a look at map, and it was even more bad.
Also this game developers are putting tools at “Chat” service to give it with scripts.

Going to main question, is any benefits or disadvantages to put tools at “Chat” as shown?
Any difference between this and putting it in “Lighting” service?

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Put that in replicated storage if you are taking it via local script or server storage if you are taking it via server script.

Chat is used for chat scripts and lighting is used for lighting effects, putting other stuff in them may make those processes slower or mess with them in general.