Any reason why Proximity Prompt suddenly stopped working?

We haven’t made any changes to the script, however the Proximity Prompts don’t become enabled anymore when they’re suppose to. We had a similar problem that we couldn’t fix before too, with custom nametags. For some reason they were displaying other players’ names, which was very unusual because the functions only used the player input which comes from functions such as Player.CharacterAdded. Replacing the edited script with the old one wasn’t enough to fix it, we had to revert the entire game to an older version. Now that this has shown up, I can’t help but think these two problems are correlated with each other. If you have any idea what may be going on, please inform us.

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Maybe you guy’s forgot to add the line of proximity prompt enabled, could happen.
If the proximity prompt is in the workspace, and your trying to activate it from a local script, you need to bridge the message with a remote event or function in replicated storage, and a server script doing that function in ServerScriptService. Also the player.CharacterAdded, is prone to the clients lag, meaning the client might not have loaded before the script fired, so it could error on the player before they even made it into the game. try added a function that detects when the player is fully loaded.

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Thanks for the insight. Proximity prompt enabling was working from the client before, is this a new update?

Yeah, It was here for quite the while actually, now I’m a relatively seasoned freshman when it comes to roblox studio (started on Jan 20 2020), but I’ve heard about the filtering enabled being forced on, in all games since 2017-2018, meaning you have to make bridges (AKA, Remote events and Remote functions) for the client-server boundary every time you need a function to happen between the client and server. AlvinBlox has some tutorials on this too.

If anything message me, and yeah, it discussion and such.