Any recent updates that could break region 3 melee combat system?

My region 3 combat system was working great when I released my Beta July 2nd. I took some time off and then I realized today that the system no longer works on mobile.

After updates this week the first thing I noticed in studio was that Sound:play() is deprecated which didn’t appear before this week, which makes me think my region 3 combat system stopped working at the same time.

Now even when I revert the publication back to beta release day, my combat system does not work on mobile, and its not working as well in studio. But I know that it did after launch day because I played through the game several times on mobile.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to look?

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Here’s a tip: Roblox updates don’t just break games. Most likely, you will have either accidentally added the error when you didn’t think you did, or even more likely you always had the error and only just realised that you do. As for other things that can change, you should check that there is nothing up with your usage of DataStoreService or HTTPService.

If you want to wait for the character to load, you should run this code:

if not Player.Character then
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This might be due to using Parent.Child instead of using WaitForChild() for scripts to do with players like characters as a3nim mentioned. Can’t reference the Character if it isn’t loaded in, which happens after the Player is loaded in. CharacterAdded would probably be a better solution for characters specifically but using WaitForChild() can be applied to any code to make it much safer when obtaining object references.


Thanks for the tip. I finally finished and uploaded my Beta like 2 weeks ago and it was working perfectly. I’ve been taking some time off to focus on other things and I’ve made a couple small updates along the way but at some point my region 3 melee combat system stopped working nearly entirely. I restored an old version and it seems like whenever I do that I get a character loading error once, but the attack system on the public server still won’t work. I couldn’t think of anything to look into right off the bat. I was kind of freaking out at first because I’ve been advertising it and I don’t know how long it’s been doing this.

I still have a feeling something has updated to cause the issue. Even reverting back to launch day, the first thing I see in studio is saying Sound:play() is deprecated. That didn’t happen until the recent update. Combat system is still not working on game servers, but working in studio. I played the game several times start to time on mobile after launch. But now it just isn’t working, even while playing publication versions that I know it did.