Any Recommendation To change?

Any Recommendation To change?

Hi I made this car for my next game, and i appreciate feedbacks about what i have to change to make this car better :slight_smile:


I really like it. Here some things I recommend

Try to add Dynamic Lighting. Like beas for the car lights and some street lights too.

Make the surrounding (terrain) more realistic, For example, you can smooth-grow it for better render and change terrain color to your game type.
Example with an alp hiking game:

Try to add more buildings like maybe house or appartments.

Don’t forget to set up the ambience (in lighting) to the type of game you make. (dark if it’s horror, light for roleplay etc…)

And for finish, You can add more trees, flowers and others and make the shadows better looking.

Have a good day


Thanks For the recommendation, It help me alot, I had not thought about Streetlights or Car lights, I also like the idea of the flowers.

Hey. No problem. If you need any help feel free to message me