Any roblox game ideas?

Hello there,
i’m the owner of a group named Affluence Games, and i need some game ideas, i just cannot come up with anything. If someone has some ideas that HAVEN’T been made before, thank you very much!
Cya! :wave:

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Just search it up, I have posted on those topics many times

I do have one game idea at the moment. I don’t know if something like it has already been made before but it shouldn’t be too complicated to make.

The idea is simple: You are a circle making it’s way through a course of obstacles on a 2D plain.

Me telling you how I could help if needed

I know some scripts that could help with things like making the player’s camera follow the circle and I could possibly help you with some other scripts if you need the help. If you decide not to use the idea then I might make the game myself as I too am running low on ideas. This idea just came to mind randomly. I have made a 2D game before so I know a script to lock the player’s camera to a part and lock the view of it.
I would be able to help you script in a next level button or a choose level button however I would not be able to help you with saving progress or things like that. I do not know how experienced you are with scripting/building so let me know if you run into any issues (I may not be able to reply at the exact moment you message me if you decide to).

Sorry if this is hard to read. I haven’t made a topic/post here in a bit so I’m a bit rusty with making things easier to read.

(If this doesn’t get a reply within 24 hours then I will go ahead and work on the game myself. I don’t want the person behind this topic to feel rushed or anything and I don’t know if something might be going on that makes it so they can’t reply at the moment but I feel a 24 hour notice is fair. I am only doing this because I need to create a new game and if you aren’t going to use the idea then I will. If you absolutely need the game idea but it’s already been 24 hours as long as it hasn’t been a substantial amount of time (72+ hours) I will stop my development and let you use the idea. I’m sorry if this comes off as rude but I have not bad intentions when I say this. Best of luck to you and hopefully if you don’t like this idea you find a good one.)

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Something like the Ghost Recon Wildlands missions would be cool

Create a game where you need to grow NPCs that grow NPCs to run your PC overnight to get premium payouts and unlock the ultra NPC.

In other words, a simulator game.

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Actually found a new game idea myself so I haven’t used this one (yet).

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