Any suggestions on how to improve this?

Hello, I currently made this UI however I want it to feel super professional. I am having some trouble and I want to make sure that I get everything.

when pointing out a problem or giving critism, please also include a possible solution to the problem.

here is my gui

please try to think of anything you can recommend to make it professional. thanks

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I feel like it’s too low-poly, try adding some more details, or make it feel like a database

can you give some examples of what you mean

I mean it feels too low-quality, like too cartoonish if you get what I mean
And the right-top side is too overloaded
I suggest you move the resources to the left-top side, try that and see if it looks beteyr

by the way I am only taking suggestions for the gui not the map.

when I imagine cartoony gui I see:

you’re going to have to provide me a visual example of what the style you want me to go for. thank you for the feedback though

I can’t give you any image right now, but I will (probably) tomorrow

Look for Tropico 6 GUIs, that’s what I’m talking about

you said put it on left side so liek this?

I am looking at some tropico 6 gui right now and I see its mostly imaged based.

my issue is that I cannot create high quality images because I cannot draw and instead all I can do is get images off the internet. Without a consisent art style, my images look bad.

my gui right now is like

I think the main problem is that the resource images I have look low quality and like I said the same issue occurs where the art style is not consistent

cover up the resource icons and look at it like that. you will see it looks a lot better

I mean the base GUI, the layout, it’s evenly spread

Only the four thing with resources, the rest stays on the right side

the chat is still going to get into the way.

There should be a way of moving it, start the Game, get the chat script under the Player, clone it and disable the default one and customise it, that should work

roblox uses built in modules to communicate and re-replicate chats when the player dies and joins the game. You cannot just clone it

Then I think you only need to find the one with the chat position etc. and disable it?
Also the chat can be turned off so that’s also a solution

you cannot alter roblox’s coregui. Look I think having the resources on the right side is fine. there are plenty of games that do that. for example look at 99% of roblox games with currently displays as well as clash of clans and boom beach. there are probably a lot more examples but I dont play games. the issue isnt the positioning but the resource icons

Then there’s no way of doing that without having the Player to turn off the chat, sorry :cry:

or I just put resources on right side. I think you want it on the left because thats what tropico did but roblox and tropico arent the same. also this is just a personal opinion but tropico gui is ugly

it gives off mc donalds vibes and the yellow and old green color style is ugly

You absolutely can.
This link specifically has documentation for moving the chat position:

Quick example:

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("ChatWindowPosition",, 0, 0.5, 0))

Unrelated to whether or not this is what you want to do, but just letting you know this is a thing.

I dont care I am not disabling roblox’s chat just because someone in dev forum likes how mc donalds tropica is. I am also not altering roblox’s build in chat in any way because like I said I dont care

You’re being hostile to the wrong person lol. I’m not here to tell you where you should put your UI elements, just showing you that you don’t know what you’re talking about when you said you can’t move chat.