Any suggestions on how to improve this?

do you believe that putting the resources on the left side is a good idea? and please be honest. I know I got mad but I think that its better to have mutiple people’s honest opinions

Personally I think having it on the right side is fine, it’s something that’s pretty inconsequential. Just make sure it doesn’t overlap with the playerlist!

I disabled playerlist cause I will have a custom info tab that gives intel on all users in server. do you think the icons used for resources are ugly

I think the gas can looks a bit off compared to everything else, like it’s kind of a different style. But the other icons look good

the gui colors are literally old lady yellow and puke green

its cause I am getting the icons off the internet since I can’t draw lol

do you think this is better?

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Really I have you the tip to move them on the left because the right side seemed a bit overloaded to me…

Just a tip, either make sure that they don’t have Copyright or else you’ll be in trouble, or if you are going for a kind-of-cartoonish style draw them with Procreate, in talking from experience, Procreate is very easy to use and it’s very easy to draw things that aren’t that realistic

It looks better if you ask me

All things are in the Right hand side. Try adding something over the left side too

for example you can arrange the no of resources on the top from left to right

add Empire, notification bar things to bottom side.

you can also try adding custom chat gui for better looks

and everything looks boring, try adding some colorful strokes and also try making the Buttons looks 3d

make sure add some white stroke to the icons so that it gets highlighted

try moving the chat box to left corner

And to the Coalition bar

try adding a progress bar like thing behind that 100% and add color green color to the smiling emoji and red to the sad ones so that people get a visual representation.

maybe consider reducing the height of the bar by using (Smile icon) - Morale - 100% in a straight line so that it looks thinner and gives us a clean look

I would highly recommend to hire someone do it for you. or you can make yourself buttons without drawing by using this website it’s easy and simple to use.

downloading it from the internet is risky since you might get a copyright strike

I would highly recommend having your own Chat box since roblox’s default ones is just too big
having a small chat box similar to this helps a lot

that was bit of rude of you to say that kindly be polite to the people who try to help you.

He was talking about the position lol.

put it in a top bar, arranged in a straight line

I agree, but I highly recommend that if he has an iPad to download Procreate, it’s very useful, and professional and easy to use, I’m talking from experience, making things like what he’s doing on Procreate requires only 10 minutes, but if he only has a PC then your website is better

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