Any thoughts of feedback on my Shop UI?


Here’s a shop UI I’m creating for one of my games. Any feedback on it? I’m willing to take criticism.

(The character display is there for aesthetics, it gets replaced with shop info on the item when you click on the item)

Updated Version:

(If you didn’t see one of my replies :stuck_out_tongue:)


It has a nice style and looks good. It’s a little hard to read the amount of money, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be an issue if it was a smaller amount. I believe you should make the shadow for shop text a little darker to make it easier to read. Also if you plan to localize your game, you might have some issues because it appears that you’re using images instead of text.

I’d also test if this scales well on mobile.


I really like the drop-shadow on it. Overall everything fits well as a theme. The only thing I noticed was that the drop-shadow of the icons on the shop seem a bit rough around the edges. I believe that happens when you stretch a small image so making them bigger might help. Good work on it though!


I like the style a lot.
Not sure if you planned on this but,
The blue button is not centered.

Also, it might just be me but I feel that the circle underneath your character is a little bit too dark. Or it might be best not to have it there at all.

Overall I like the theme and layout of the UI. Anything else I had to say was pretty much already covered.

Nice job!


This may sound nitpicky, but I think the text, along with the cash and exit button should be moved down slightly to be centered.


I love how you put a lot of time and effort into making it look really nice, but I think that the text’s hue needs to be a bit darker, as the light (almost neon-like hues) are not appealing to me.


It looks really great! But I think you should change TextStrokeTransparency on money.


Something like this. It looks much better imo.


personally, I think you need either a drop shadow or outline around the text for the categories. they’re a little hard to read. adding commas to the money would also help legibility


Looks nice, you should add some drop-shadow on the text and remove the borderlines.


I think it looks really nice, however you should change the money category colour as it is hard to read.


I like it, but instead of white and light grey, I wish it was two shades of dark grey, just so that its easier on the eyes.


Worked on it for a while and added some improvements and suggestions.

A spinning Roblox logo replaces it, a bottom bar is added for level and money count. The GUI will pop up from going into a shop rather than a button on the screen to be more clean.

Any new suggestions to this otherwise?

Edit: Oops, faint stripe background behind was supposed to be moving, accidentally removed script.


I really like the bottom bar, it looks very tidy. With that said I would say the money category is a little hard to read.


What color should the money be? Green seems to fit the color of money but makes it harder to see.


You have just made a good point their. Green and yellow are the only colours that the money icon can be. The only thing that I can think of to make it easier to see it by putting a more of a grey TextStrokeColor3 on it.


I really LOVE the style, however, there are a few things to note:

I do not know if this was intended or not, but the image would look a lot better centered!

I feel as if this neon green color is hard to read. My suggestion would be to remove the outline, and make it a darker blue or green color, perhaps!

For the money, you can see a very small transparent-ish cut in the middle. I think this design would appear a lot more solid if that cut in the middle were to be filled in.

Though this is a personal preference, with your style - I believe that for the “Particle Effects” button, you should make the background solid circles, rather than blurred! This will make it look a lot cleaner, and since the other backgrounds aren’t blurred, a more consistent style!
Anyways, I believe that this UI is very well-designed! Good job! :smile:


Thank you for the suggestions :smiley: i’ll keep them in mind when I’m working on it :3


I feel like the shop should be moved down just a tad bit to make it look cleaner. You could also do something with that big gap between the shop word and the cash amount? Maybe widen the cash a bit?